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I really want it to snow - well I ended up stayin home form christmas, becasue I decided I didn't want to go away, this is the 1st christmas in 5 years that I haven't travelled and I really wanted to stay home and be with friends.

Like usual, nothing interesting happened, I got a lotta of clothes, bath & body works stuff, & money, I still want to go shopping to get more clothes, I really need jeans - becasue I only have 2 pairs. Oh yeah I've gained like 3 pounds just by sitting on my fat ass doing nuthin, I really should be working out, b/c i'll be outta shape for tennis, but I just don't feel like it. On Friday, I'm going to a party, if my mom lets me go. yeah, well basically that's it


I am so fucking tired


<3 Hubby

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