Arlesa (tennischick0428) wrote,

I Really Loved This Article from Tracey

* Translating this chinese article my friend gave me*
The first person u meet is yourself
The second pesron u meet is someone you love the most
the third person u meet is someone who loves you the most
The fourth person you meet is the one you'll spend the rest of ur life with
At first, you meet someone who you love the most n feel the feelin known as Love;
Because u know how love feels like, den u find the person who loves u the most;
When you go thru the process of love and be loved,
you learn how to love and you know what you really what
finally you know what really fits you best,
that person u find will be the one you'll spend the rest of your life with
unfortunately, these three people you meet will never be the same person
The one you love the the one that doesn't pick you
The one that loves you the most...will never be the one you love the most
the one that you spend the rest of your life with....
is the one that isnt your most beloved nor the one that loves you the most.
Which one will you be in another person's life?
There's no one that really wants to have a change of heart,
When he loves you, he really loves you, when he doesn't love you he doesnt love you
When he loves you, he cant pretend he doesnt
Vice versa, when he doenst love u, he cant pretend that he does
When a person leaves because he doesnt love u nemore,
u hafta ask u still love him?
If you dont love him either, do not waste your time and stay
If you still love him, you should hope that he will live a happy life
Hope that he will live with his beloved and never try to prevent them from being together
cuz if you prevent them, it shows that you dont like him anymore
Love isn't about keeping.
Just like if you like looking at the moon, you can never get the moon
It's like saying, if you love a pesron, you can use another form of having
such as being in that person's memories forever.
If you truly love a person, you should love them as they are-- both their good and bad
Don't ever love a person and hope to change them to be who YOU want them to be
Because if he can't change, does it symbolize that you dont love him anymore?
True love can NEVER be explained.
All you know is that no matter what time what place, whether you're feeling happy or sad
you hope that person you love will be there to share it with you
True love comes when you both can share the good and bad without expectations
Love isn't only about recieving --- its also about giving
Separation is one type of obstacle, if you cant overcome it, then you will lose
Real Love will never turn into hate
When two people are in love, they always like to ask the other person to promise them
Promises are told to be made because there isnt enough TRUST
However, promises can also be over said, they can be lies....
ALways remember: " Things that cannot happen is the best type of promises"
In the process of love...Saying is one thing....Doing is another ;
The one speaking doesnt believe it, the one listening doesn't either
how bout you? which number have you found?
in a sea of people, who have you encountered? who has encountered you
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