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My Entry For Sarah

Sarah Here is my entry for you, actually, since nothing interesting is really happening in my life, except for Latin class, so this entry is gunna be all about Latin class yay.

Latin class is the highlight of my day everyother day - Becca, Sarah, & I arrive everyday around 11:45 usually no one else is in the class room - but sometimes Hahn & Pacey are. So two classes ago on monday - I was sittin in the 2nd row & joey was sittin in the seat next to me & behind me & i had my legs on sarah's chair & sarah said she turned around and he was starring @ my legs & that compleletely freaked me out - if someone else was lookin @ my legs i wouldn't have cared, but joey, no thank you. So on wednesday i had class again, & i noticed he was lookin down, presumably @ my legs. During the middle of class he put his leg right next to, practically on top of my back pack so i couldn't get another pen, or else i'd have 2 move my backpack or his leg. So class continues & we were rakina quiz & Joey takes of his penny loafers & i smell this horrible odor - it was so gross & he stretches his legs out & his pants are rolled up and he has on tall white socks, so Becca & I are laughin like crazy when he gets up to go to the bathroom. So that's Joey, before class on Wednesday Pacey & Hahn, & Hugh (who wears this awesome airplane jacket & he dyed his hair platinum blond with dark brown roots) were in the room listening 2 Hahn's ipod - so Ben comes into the room & he was talkin 2 them, while me, sarah & becca were studyin - then all of a sudden Ben comes over behind Becca & Sarah - what are you guys doin, somethin naughty  - & we were like haha & he scared the shit outta Becca & Sarah cause they didn't see him coming - well after we finish reviewin for our test Sarah started talkin a/b Joey & how he was lookin @ my legs & becca & i were laughin then all of a sudden it got really quite &  ben's eyes got really big & he was lookin around the room - you had 2 be there - it was hilarious - ok then necole & annie got there & ben asked 2 see necole's sidekick blah blah blah. there are plenty more funny times to recount but i'm sorta tired so.. i'll right more

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