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My New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year again - unfortunately now that the new year has come I must go back to school 2morrow - i'm thrilled, really

Caroline gave me the idea to write my New Years Resolutions, so here goes (these are in no particular order):

-get better grades
-to tell people who I care about how I really feel
-to enter more tennis tournaments
-to do things for myself & not because other people want me to
-to stop playing the piano for other people
-to lose at least 15 pounds: hope fully more
-to get better biceps
-stop thinking about certain boys
-to make national before the end of 05'
-to stop playing tennis 15 hours a week - & bring it down to 8 - so I can, as cliche as this sounds - concentrate on my studies
-lie as little as possible - Caroline I have 2 go with you on this one
-stop talking about people as much
-to stop cursing as much
-to make varsity tennis & not a jv/v alternate
-to stop showing my emotions on the court
-to make my mom proud of me
-to go to church more often
-to stop being so sarcastic & rude - especially to Ugochi
-be start dancing again
-to go out more with friends
-spend more time with my mom & older relatives
-make some money

-stop thinking about what other people think
-to wear my contacts more often
-to overall become a better person & not be so negative

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