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Hey, the last couple of days have been pretty good, went to a party & then out to starbucks... ok I have to admist i've been thinking a lot about a certain someone - i've had 2 dreams - one last night, which i don't remember, but i kno I had a dream & one three nights ago, it was so weird, ok, so Devin & I were running in this open field with a bunch of other people in it & while we were running I saw Brandon, so we started to run faster, but then Brandon ran towards us & he told me that he had only been avoiding me because he had a big art project & he didn't want to get distracted, then I told them I was going to run sprints & I was running back and forth to an old truck while they, being Devin & Brandon were talking & running, they happened to be running with no shirts on, revealing nice abs - then I woke up, am I going crazy?
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