Arlesa (tennischick0428) wrote,

well nuthin really's been happenin - some parties this weekend, i changed my mind, don't really wanna go to nc - for my great aunt's b-day party

ne way - latin class is the highlight of my day - 2day mr. norton decided 2 call me by my 1st name & he used me as an example he like so ellen & arlesa.... & jc was like what's an arlesa is that even a word - what the hell coach? & pacey & hollman kept lookin @ me & i was laughin & they were like that's arlesa & he's like hubbs? no? i'm like yeah - he's like oh haha

i have another story from latine - it was really action packed 2day -- so RMO - is a little kid like the size of Hannah & he's always picked on, b4 class Ben Jarso, like carried him 2 the bathroom - ne way - joey & cross (jc) always pick on him, like they annoy him & I guess 2day was the breakin point - when jc was comin back from the bathroom, RMO stood up & he pushed him against the wall & started hittin him, then mr. norton broke it up & RMO started to cry - it was soo funny, yet sorta pathetic - RMO is always picked on - but he needs to start standin up for himself

oh and in the beginning of class Hahn put on his speedo

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